A church secretary in Mississippi refused to take my Override Veto prayer request today. 
This secretary likes the former tobacco lobbyist Governor Haley Barbour and stated that my prayer request was too political to place on their Sunday's Prayer Request bulletin, and just my opinion.
Regretfully, the church expects the members to pay their tithes off the top before all taxes are paid or collected.
Wonder if the church doesn't realize that the poor non-smoking church members would have an extra $70.00 on every $1,000.00 spent on food and groceries if this Tax Swap Bill would have not vetoed by Gov. Barbour.
Bet the farm that the Mississippi church leadership would be shouting on the rooftops OVERRIDE VETO if their members paid their church tithes after all taxes were paid out.
Please visit my Veto Payoff in Mississippi at: http://overrideveto.org/VetoPayOff.htm
With compassion,

Mike Sawyer
Master of Divinity
Executive Director
I Will Never Use Tobacco, Inc.501 (c) 3
6401 Colony Park Drive
Birmingham, Alabama 35243

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