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Driver with Mississippi truck tag thumbs up in Alabama

Mike Sawyer entering Mississippi, Sunday February 5, 2006

Override Veto signs on back and side windows

A smoker in the pathway at the Mississippi Welcome Center

Mike Sawyer with picture of Governor Haley Barbour

Picture of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. . in Mississippi Welcome Center

Sunday afternoon, February 5, 2006, at County Line Road, Jackson, Mississippi

16 lanes of traffic at this intersection

This is the last sign of 4-sign sequence

Join Me

Mike takes classic car pictures during mission work

Young driver of car happy that Mike takes this picture

Car stalls for picture to be taken, no traffic behind

Monday morning, February 6, 2006 at Mississippi State Capitol

Mike a security officer with the First Baptist Church of Jackson, gives Mike Sawyer a ride to the restroom in church across street.

Drew a nice reporter with Channel 12 News the CBS affiliate in Jackson, Drew likes quarter horses

Car parked in church parking lot

Capitol police keeps a watch on Mike for about an hour

Rain coming

Mike Sawyer endures hard cold rain for about an hour and half

Rain overflows on sidewalk

Thumbs-up at stop light on President and State streets

Another thumbs-up

Quick snack of raisins and unsalted peanuts for four hour mission work

Be healthy

Nsombi Lambright, Executive Director of ACLU of Mississippi, takes pictures of Mike

Mike shares a can of peanuts



Mike Sawyer will be writing a reflection on these two days above.

Have you ever used your freedom of speech for a non-profit cause?
Please share with Mike Sawyer


Previous mission work

"Preaching on Tobacco Road"


Mission trip to Mississippi by Mike Sawyer a tobacco and smoking foe


Please return home with a healthy heart


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